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Gerlinde Merl-Biskuit

Gerlinde Merl – Biskuit

Il 21 aprile sembra ancora lontano, ma, badate, son poco più di 60 giorni, perciò è il momento di guardarsi attorno per organizzare la visita al PPM2023 a Brno.
Il giusto compromesso tra prezzi e disponibilità si aggira appunto sui due mesi, prima è inutile, non si trovano sconti, ma aspettando troppo si rischia di doversi accontentare di quello che rimane. La mia personale agenzia di viaggi lo sa bene, e così trova sempre la maniera di sorprendermi (piacevolente, ça va sans dire) scovando luoghi caratteristici e suggestivi.
P1010555Sappiate che arrivare a Brno è abbastanza agevole. Vienna dista solamente un’ora e mezza di viaggio, con la disponibilità di ben 15 treni e 12 autobus, e la capitale austriaca è capillarmente collegata con il resto del mondo.
Se tuttora aveste dei dubbi sull’opportunità di viaggiare fino alla “lontana” Brno, riporto qui sotto la presentazione di questa edizione della mostra. Vedete voi se non è ancora abbastanza.

Comunque, qualora vi servissero ulteriori informazioni di carattere logistico o turistico (ma anche artistico), io sono a vostra disposizione, non avete che da scrivermi, e in questo blog sono presenti abbastanza articoli che possono darvi un’idea del perché io, dal 2008, non sono mai mancata a un’edizione del Prague Patchwork Meeting.
Textile Art Creativity in Brno Again!
15th Season of PPM Quilt Show Brno
The PPM Quilt Show Brno will offer the 15th season of this renowned international textile exhibition from 21 to 23 April 2023. The spacious rooms of Hall E at the Brno Exhibition Centre will host the best of international, European and Czech textile art. Visitors will be able to admire over 20 galleries of individuals and groups of artists this year. More than 600 works by nearly 200 artists from all over the world will cover a wide range of contemporary textile art – from classic patchwork to modern wall paintings and original art quilts. Many of the works were created specifically for this exhibition and will be on loan at additional exhibitions across Europe after their Brno premiere. As part of the PPM Brno Quilt Show, visitors can also take part in workshops with renowned international lecturers, and in addition to textile techniques, it will be the first-time people can try out a printing workshop. A large area will once again be occupied by shops specialising in various textile and art techniques. The most extensive range of sewing and ironing equipment and fabrics, as well as a broad range of accessories – all concentrated in one place, will be a magnet for visitors. The originals on display, the personal presence of the artists, and the opportunity to meet them, create an optimal mix of inspiration and creativity for visitors.
The SAQA association will once again be presenting its global creations in Brno, this year in the Europe and Middle East region, and the innovative Wide Horizons VIII collection. The competition collection of the French exhibition EPM Once Upon a Time There was a Thread is also international. The Kitsch and Art collection is a controversial polemic about the authorial transformation of former typically kitsch motifs into works of art. Welcome to my World is the title of a collection by US artist Martha Ornish. Latvian artist Elina Lusis Grinberga will bring a collection named Threads, highly appraised in Europe. Korean Pojagi will be presented by its French promoter, Ms. Maryse Allard. Three German female authors with very different works will impress people with their innovative approach: Large-format graphic compositions by Ms. Elke Klein, modern quilts with a unique quilting quality will be presented by Birgit Schüller, and striped and layered works will be offered by Anke Pradel Schönknecht. 
After the pandemic time-shift, visitors will also see the stunning shibori landscapes by Swiss artist Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix. For the first time in the history of the PPM, Austrian artist Ms. Gerlinde Merl will also present her self-standing collection. Unexpectedly, international cooperation is also behind the unique collection of African brocades by VEBA Broumov. The sponsored fabric packages have been taken by artists from the Czech Republic and Germany, and Africa in their presentation will be a cross-section of all modern textile techniques.  The guest country of 2023 is Poland. The star of the Czech classics for 2023 is Ms. M. Tilschová. The new AQH group’s Stones gallery sponsored by Preciosa will have its world debut at the expo. R. Edlmanová will present her own gallery and a summary of her work, and R. Černá will also present her new quilts. The Windows of Synagogues collection is a BPK club project. International competitive collections on the theme of ENERGY and WEDDING RINGS will be assessed by an expert jury. Visitors will also see additional Czech and international quilts.
Resident courses led by renowned international lecturers are suitable for advanced as well as novice amateurs.
Demonstrations of various techniques and mini courses will be held at many stands during the exhibition.
PPM traditionally dedicates space to charity projects. This year’s PPM Brno will introduce visitors to the project of the German-Afghan Initiative. Small, embroidered squares, which the quilt makers purchased to support Afghan women, are incorporated into minor textile pieces. Any amount, however small for us, is a significant contribution for them and their families. The PPM exhibition has joined the project for several times now.
PPM is one of the world’s most visited textile exhibitions, ranking 4th in Europe. The 2023 season is another one in Brno, with an ever-increasing size within the region.
Jana Štěrbová
Art Director

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